Winning idea- that’s what you thought of hiring remote workers! You are now on your final stage of planning the shift. You have just encountered one concern, are you going to hire individuals or you will get a team?

Here are some points for you to ponder on as you make that one final decision.


Pick each individual to fulfill a task that requires collaboration. You have picked the go-getters. Instead of getting a magnificent result, you have gotten otherwise. Relationship takes time to develop that is a foundation of collaboration. One of the advantages of hiring a “team” is that they already know each other and have established their system.


“Two heads are better than one,” this may be an old saying yet still it stays true even in this digital age. A team that has a system in place communicate with each other to accomplish the task at hand. Whenever one may need an input, there is always that one member of the team who can provide enlightenment to make it better. Hence, excellent result. An individual, how brilliant the person is do not have this luxury.


There is beauty in differences when they come together in harmony. A well-balanced team is composed of individuals who have different motivations and leadership styles. As they blend in with each other, imagine the benefit you will reap from a well-functional one. Each bring a fresh idea to the table to your business’ advantage. If you are hiring individuals, yes, they too are very diverse from each other since that is natural but them to blend in quickly is a big question to hurdle. Take the risk if you want to.


You are a businessman and not a teacher. You are hiring workers for a reason which is to take off some workload off your plate. You don’t want to keep on telling them what to do or be bothered by them frequently asking questions. It’s missing the whole point. A team asserts their autonomy because they know that they can do what you would want them to do. They are experienced in doing the tasks that you hire them to do. It is not to undermine individuals but most will depend on your directions.

Your affairs are yours to decide however if you would like to take full advantage of this new era of doing business, you will examine each point carefully and take these into consideration. Hire a team or hire an individual!


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