Lately, workers start to not only wish but clamor to work from home for the many benefits that it brings them. The workforce realizes the advantages of working remotely. Will the business owners allow themselves to fall behind?

It is a known fact that a person engages in business for its primary reason, which is for the profit, to be profitable is a businessman’s aim.

There is a current buzz in the industry that a businessman must be kept abreast of.  What is it? Here! Hiring remote workers can save your company money that translates to additional income for your business! How?

These are three expenses that will be less or off your company annual expenditure among others: company real estate needs, copay for health insurance, commuter and clothing allowances.

In hiring remote workers, you only need a reasonable space to house the staff of your business that you deem necessary to be kept office-based thus the huge cut-off on your rental expense. Not only that, there will be a noticeable reduction on your operational costs because phone, internet, and electric bills will definitely be lowered because of the fewer number of usage.

If you are currently paying for the copay of your workers’ health insurance then you are likely to get a lower premium or would not need to pay for health insurance anymore. “A survey from PGI showed that 82% of remote workers reported reduced stress and 80% better morale.-Ria Ghose” Reduced stress and better morale contribute to improved health condition of a worker thus the lesser chance of getting sick. Also with a remote worker, depending on the agreement, employers are no longer required to provide health insurance.

One of the major benefits that workers like in working at home is not being able to commute every day. This benefit to the remote workers serves the employers too as there is no need to provide for “commuter allowance.” In addition, not reporting into an office means that the remote worker has the freedom to wear any clothes on any day while working; this in itself entails a lot of savings to the employer as there will be no need for “clothing and laundry allowance.”

For sure you have your dollar figure on the expenses mentioned, you can do the math on your end and see for yourself how many thousands of dollars you will be saving per worker each year if you will opt into hiring remote workers!


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