To shun at a new idea is but a common thing. How could it be when one of the known hard facts taken as a cliché is that “change is the only constant thing in this world?”

With the World Wide Web, the linear representation of dealings in the digital world has not seen any downward trend. Businesses have taken advantage of conquering the digital world as a marketplace. Marketing and advertising have evolved way beyond the imagination of the past with digital marketing just right on the fingertips of anyone.

Most of the companies have restructured their normal office set-up and gone digital. They have taken their business dealings off to a whole new level by hiring remote employees. The management people behind these companies belong to the visionaries who understood what impact it could bring their company when they decide to take advantage of the virtual world. Not to mention the revenue it gives them but also the worldwide pool of talents they can hire from, they are assured access to the highly-skilled and free-spirited workers there is.

However, in spite of the mind-blowing features that the digital age brings, why is it that there are still companies that treat “hiring remote employees” as if it is an idea that is never plausible?

            These are some of the reasons why:

Trust Issues

These business owners or managers think that they cannot trust their remote employees to do the job right because they are alone. No one gets to monitor them. Isn’t this thought also true with employees who are office-based? If an employee chooses to slack off then that employee is a problem but it does not mean that everyone is.

Contrary to what these few businessmen think, with an effective hiring process and with the right approach to your virtual employees, they could be as or even more productive than those who are reporting to an office. With confidence given to remote employees, it boosts their morale and drives them to be more creative and efficient on their tasks. Studies show that employees with freedom and trusted tend to be more productive. As it has been said, “they are at their best when they are trusted.”

Fear of Change

           Those who got this embedded in their minds, “What if it won’t work?” The tons of “what if’s.” You are a businessman, aren’t you supposed to be a risk-taker? Change can only be feared if there is misunderstanding or no understanding at all. Multinational companies jumped off to hiring virtual employees and are now saving millions thus increasing their revenues.

            Having a virtual office and hiring virtual employees are two ripe concepts. Why? Dealings are now made easier because of enhanced communication tools; several easy-to-use applications are available in the digital market. The existence of virtual working spaces ensures coordination among the members of your virtual teams of which you can definitely monitor.

            This is a huge change from the traditional office set-up that small and medium business owners must keep themselves updated on for their very own advantage. Think of the savings you get from not paying anymore the utility bills and office spaces’ monthly rentals, isn’t it not worth the upgrade of your grasp regarding hiring remote employees?


            There are several of these especially coming from those who have not tried hiring a virtual employee yet. It varies from the question of reliability, quality, performance, etc.

Here are some of the common misconceptions. Tasks will be messed up because of lack of trail. This is false. It is a standard operating procedure for all virtual employees to document whatever they have accomplished on their task therefore there is always a traceable digital trail. Unlike in an office set-up, a piece of document can be accidentally thrown in a trash can and it is all gone. With the proper back up in your digital working environment, you won’t be left with nothing in cases of accidents.


           Performance cannot be measured. This is another complete falsehood. Quality and performance is all there is to show for remote employees. No show off of daily outfits. Really, with the right performance evaluation tools in place, every business can get the most of each virtual employee employed.

        If you are a business owner, do you still would not want to give hiring virtual employees a thought? The decision is yours, would you want to be left behind or soar with the others?


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