Our Mission

L1neUP exists to partner with individual business aspirants and small & medium enterprises to grow their business by conquering the digital market in a seamless and cost-efficient manner through our services.

L1neUP stands to provide a hub to highly skilled individuals who wish to work from home. It is our aim for you to showcase your talents without the bounds of a four-cornered office. Earn while living life freely.

Our Vision

L1neUP envisions to be profoundly excellent and globally competitive outsourcing service helping businesses worldwide and the workforce alike.

About Us

L1neUP is composed of skillful individuals who are freelancers on our fields of expertise who have been in each industry for how many years. One of the founders got this vision of “collaboration,” that is to gather each of us to form a team that will help small and medium enterprises. The team of L1neUP is a product of one of the founder’s core value; a job is not just about money- it is about self-fulfillment and doing what you are passionate about.


We will take your business into the digital future in greater heights!

How Hiring Remote Workers Can Save Your Company Money

How Hiring Remote Workers Can Save Your Company Money

Lately, workers start to not only wish but clamor to work from home for the many benefits that it brings them. The workforce realizes the advantages of working remotely. Will the business owners allow themselves to fall behind? It is a known fact that a person engages...

Website Development

If you don't have a website, we will build it for you. We can also update your existing website.

Content Creation

We will provide for you engaging and relevant content aimed towards SEO improvement.

Digital Marketing

We will make sure your products and or services are marketed well. We will help you become known to the online world.

Some of our Add-ons

Back-end Maintenance

We’ll make sure your back-end is protected and well kept.

BPO Services

We can provide you with a team for either outbound or inbound that can do customer service, technical support, billing, and sales.

Production Services

You have a concept for an Ad yet you do not have the pool of talents. We got you!

Want to know more of our services add-ons?

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